Financially Fit

Living the Secrets to an Abundant and Prosperous Life

By Dawna Cambell

Just how good are you at attracting abundance?

Ever wish prosperity came a little easier?

Would you like to have a strong and healthy relationship with money?


  • Implement the 3 secret keys to bring in prosperity
  • Release self-sabotaging money-inhibiting patterns
  • Create your financial affluence story
  • Unlock blocked energy to allow wealth to get in
  • Rebuild your money surplus and energy supply

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March 11, 2021 at 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST 
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What People Are Saying

I’ve know Dawna for about 10 years now and seen her transition.  She knows how to implement the spiritual aspect into life.  A great innovator using love and knowledge of the inside.   Akemi Kajihara, Intuitive Healer, Japan


Financially Fit is an amazing book that unlocks the real abundance and financial freedom in your life,  incredibly practical in the transformation of your issues and needs, and magically spiritual and connected. Financially Fit brings the tools to build your base for true happiness, healthy power and prosperity.

I feel is also a key for collective freedom, because when we are in our true power, and not controlled by money issues, we can create and express much more of our true self. Imagine a world where each one have this as a base, is a world much more free of competition, manipulation, and comparison. We can gather to really celebrate each one and collective bright and uniqueness, and create together from the mindset of Love.

The author Dawna Campbell is an amazing woman, teacher and soul, that is so magical and committed with the pure intent of sharing inspiration, she gather infinite knowledge and lots of wisdom through her life, and this book is a gift about these.  Marcella, Brazil

I have known Dawna Campbell for several years. During that time, I have been blessed to accept her advice and counsel as well as her friendship. Dawna understands the energetic processes by which our dreams are made manifest in this three dimensional world. She has dedicated her life to helping souls remove the blockages that prevent us from realizing our fondest desires. She can impart that wisdom to you.

In these troubled times it is fitting that her new book reveals how to acquire an inner state of abundance in our common quest to manifest prosperity in every aspect of our lives. You can access her wisdom in print, through her many video presentations, in the classroom or by appointment. I heartily recommend that you do so.  William O. Joseph, International Author and Speaker, Social Justice, Montana

A ‘must read’ for anyone who is tired of struggling with their finances and wants to quantum leap into a new reality fast. –  Nathalie Guerin, Author of “The Promise”, Canada

“This is where you find everything you need to change your life. This is it. You don’t have to search around. Read and implement. Very powerful to empower your life!” Olga Brooks, International Bestselling Author and the founder of The Return, Boston, MA

Dawna is amazing! Her book: “Become Financially Fit,” is a beautiful roadmap to creating the life you want in a purposeful, productive, and meaningful way. By following her lead, you will feel safe and secure and know you have come to the right place.  — Renee Reisch

4x’s #1 Best Selling and Intn’l Author of “Finding Your Voice: Unlock Your Chains and Unleash Your Greatness,” Transformational Coach/Speaker and
Creator of “The Butterfly Effect” V.O.I.C.E. Blueprint